Crowd Control:

Welcome to a well-established and tested team in crowd control. Our team have been hands on involved in the crowd control since the 90’s.
This has given the diverse experience that has helped lead the way in crowd control. Big or small we have partnered with venues throughout Brisbane from Sunshine Coast, northern and southern suburbs, Brisbane central and Gold Coast.
We have been responsible for multiple operational strategies set in place all over Queensland that are still in place over 20 years after our interception. Thankfully the team that have gained this experience and knowledge are all still working together to create safe and fun places for people to enjoy our hospitality.
Over the years our iconic ‘blue’ security shifts, with broad smiles have been keeping party goers safe as they enjoy their moments with us, and Venue proprietor’s peace of mind, knowing our teams are working hard at keeping them well informed during operations, and using the knowledge we have gained over the years, to pay as much attention and care to their establishments as they do.
If you want to be part of this well-established foundation, please call our recruitment team and be part of something that makes a change.
If you are interested in our crowd control services, please contact Jason Gillespie on 0426 177 494 and we can make a time to discuss how we may be of service to you and your organization.

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